Our fees are all inclusive. They include:

  • all incursions

  • all excursions

  • fruit/vegetable and milk snack during each session for all groups

Examples of the types of experiences included can be found on our programs page.

The Victorian Government funds 4 year old kindergarten. We have updated our fee structure for 2021 based on recent Victorian Government announcements.

Information has been send out via email to our enrolled families, please refer back to this information otherwise you may contact the kinder via email.

2021 FEES

The participation of parents/guardians is encouraged by Ormond Kinder, it can help to keep costs more affordable. However not all families are able to assist at the service. A refundable Participation Levy system has been introduced by the service and replaces voluntary labour with paid labour.

An additional $100 will be requested to be paid with first term fees for the Participation Levy. The Participation Levy is refundable in Term 4 after you have attended one working bee or assisted with one fundraising event throughout the year where permitted.

Payment will be refunded to parents/guardians on participation in specified activities which may include committee membership, working bees, maintenance and gardening or other significant contribution to the running of the Kindergarten. The levy is not intended to be a barrier to participation and families experiencing difficulties should discuss this with the Kindergarten.

Please let us know if you have a Health Care Card or Pensioner Concession Card as you may be eligible for a kindergarten fee subsidy.