COVID-19 and Ormond Kinder

Stage 4 Restrictions Update:

From Thursday 6 August, only vulnerable children and the children of permitted workers will be able to access childcare and kinder. A permitted worker can include someone working from home, but this does not apply to every worker working from home - only those working in permitted industries. In order to stop the spread of COVID-19, the Government is asking that Victorians only access childcare and kinder services if they have to.

The list of permitted workers can be found here. If you are still unsure if this includes you, please call Business Victoria.

In order for your child to attend, you need to provide a copy of your Permitted Worker Permit form (including childcare) OR your Access to Childcare and Kinder (Working from Home) form.

These forms state that you are a permitted worker and that there is no-one else in the household who is able to supervise your children, and must be signed by your employer and yourself.

More information about eligibility and processes can be found on the Victorian Government Worker Permit Scheme website.

This information is up to date as of 8/8/2020 6:00pm. Please rely on Victorian Government websites for the most up to date rules and information.

Term 3 Update:

The State Government has recently announced there will be fee relief for families with children in an eligible funded 4YO kindergarten program and 3YO groups for Term 3.

While OCK is not eligible for the fee relief in term 3, we are pleased to advise that we will not only match the State Government’s fee relief but we will provide complete fee relief for all families with children in both 3YO & 4YO programs in Term 3.

Kindergarten in term 3 will be free for families. We know this will provide much needed relief for all families in our Community and allow families to make informed choices about whether to send their child to kindergarten or not, with no financial impact if they do keep their child home (especially during the stage 3 lockdown).

We have made a number of changes at kinder due to COVID-19.

As a committee and staff, we are passionate about Ormond Kinder and our community, and the health and safety of all staff and children at OCK is our highest priority.

Based on health advice and the advice of the Victorian Government, our kindergarten remains open for those children who are unable to stay home and self-isolate in this difficult time, such as children of essential workers. As announced by the Victorian government, funded kindergarten services (4 year old) will be offered at no cost to Victorian families for term 2.

Supporting families who are learning from home:

Our teaching team worked hard to deliver remote learning in term two for children who were at home self-isolating. They put together "Take-Home Packs" full of ideas, challenges, activities and supplies for children to use while they were at home. Alongside this, they produced "Kinder Connections," a web series which helped to keep enrolled children and families connected to our kindergarten and maintain a sense of community. Every episode centres around a theme. It includes a story or song, a challenge to do at home, and video messages from people in our kinder community, and comes with recommended links attached for families to look at together.

We have had positive feedback from families regarding the delivery of remote learning, and our teaching team greatly values the continued communication with children and families through our email as well our our special “kinder mailbox.”

An example episode of our show can be watched below! While you are watching the video, see if you can find...

  • A seashell

  • Photos of your teachers

  • A tree stump

  • A book about The Rainbow Fish

Keeping safe at kinder:

As per the advice from the Australian Health Protection Principal Committee (AHPPC) we are implementing a number of risk mitigation measures. Many of these we commenced at the end of term 1 and we have since expanded on the measures we are taking to minimise risk:

  • exclusion of unwell staff, children and visitors

  • reduce mixing of children by separating cohorts (including the staggering of meal and play times as necessary)

  • Promoting enhanced personal hygiene for children, staff and parents: alcohol-based hand sanitiser is available at the entrance of the facility and throughout, as well as plenty of soap, running water and paper towel.

  • cleaning and disinfecting high-touch surfaces at least daily (e.g. play gyms, tables, hard-backed chairs, doorknobs, light switches, remotes, handles, desks, toilets, sinks)

  • excursions and incursions have been cancelled for the time being

  • influenza vaccination for children, staff and parents.

  • No external visitors to kinder unless necessary

  • No parent helpers on duty

  • Adjusted pick-up and drop-off procedure to allow for 1.5m physical distancing, with children arriving and departing one at a time and no parents congregating in the foyer

  • Taking children’s temperature on arrival and throughout the day as a precautionary screening measure

  • Restricting sensory play such as slime, playdough, water, kinetic sand, and toys which may be easily mouthed by children

  • Restricting cooking experiences

  • PPE for staff

Alternative care arrangements should be considered for children who are in the high-risk category for coronavirus (COVID-19). AHPPC recommends parents seek medical advice for these children.

The committee would like to thank you for your support and cooperation through an extremely difficult time for all of us. We are a strong community and will get through this together, despite being physically apart.

Kinder Connections: Babies

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