How to Register For Kinder

Glen Eira City Council provides a Central Registration Scheme for sessional kindergarten programs.  

You can call Glen Eira Council on   03 9524 3333 to register your interest or,  click on the button.

Registrations open on the 1st May each year, for first and second year registrations.


If you looking for a place at kinder during the kinder year (from February to December) you will first need to check if there are any places available.  You can check  availability here, or call Glen Eira Council.  They can tell you availability for all kindergartens in Glen Eira, not just Ormond Community Kinder.

If there are no places currently available, you can go on the waitlist to join OCK.  There is often movement throughout the year as families move in and out of the area.

If there is a place available, Glen Eira Council will send your details to OCK and we will email you an offer (see below).  Please note that you will be sent an offer only for the group that has places available.  This may not be the group you are wishing to join. Please respond to your offer, even if you no longer wish to take the place.


If you are registering for the next kinder year, you should expect an offer of a place around June/July in the year prior to your starting year.  Your offer will contain all timetable options available for you.  When you respond to your offer, you will be asked to nominate the days/timetable you prefer.  Sessions are allocated based on when you respond to your offer, so respond quickly! Please respond to your offer even if you no longer wish to take up the place. We want to know if you cannot take up the offer!

Once you accept your offer you will be advised of your group.  This occurs after all rounds of offers have been completed, so may not be until August/September.

What Happens After I accept my offer?

Once your timetable/days have been confirmed, you will be send an Enrolment pack. You will be asked to provide detailed information about your child and your family, including:

We use an online enrolment and communication tool called OWNA.  You will be sent a request to download the app and register to use it.  This is essential for communication and also for signing your child in and out each day.

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