Committee Roles


President (Executive Role)

The president is the main representative of the committee and works closely with the teaching team, Operations Manager and wider committee to make key decisions for the kinder.

Duties include:

Vice President (Executive Role)

The vice-president provides support to the president and stands in for the president as required.

Duties include:

Secretary (Executive Role)

The secretary is responsible for communications to help ensure the committee runs effectively and efficiently. 

Duties include:

Treasurer (Executive Role)

The primary role of the treasurer is to make sure that the financial affairs of the organisation are conducted in an appropriate manner, in conjunction with the kinder bookkeeper.

Duties include:


Event/Fundraising Coordinator

The Event/Fundraising Coordinator plans events and activities with the aim of bringing the kinder community together and raising funds for kinder equipment and toys.

Key duties include:

Events/Activities include:

Working Bee / Maintenance Coordinator

The Working Bee Coordinator works in conjunction with the Centre Director and Operations Manager to organise and run 2 working bees throughout the year and assist with general maintenance.

Duties include:

General Committee Member

General committee members can play as big or small a role in the committee as they like. These roles provide support and assistance to the Executive Committee group across a broad range of areas.

Duties include:

Class Communication Representative

“Class Reps” connect families in the same kinder group.  Using What’s App they communicate social events, play dates, kinder reminders and other child related kinder information. It is an informal communication channel aimed at helping families understand what is happening at kinder

Duties include: