Information on Immunisation Requirements

'No Jab, No Play' is the name of legislation that requires all children enrolled in kindergarten in Victoria to be fully vaccinated unless they have a medical exemption.

Families enrolling at OCK must provide an up to date immunisation history statement from the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR) at the time of enrolling.  We are unable to accept your maternal health care records, or similar records from other countries.  

If no Immunisation History Statement is provided your child will be unable to attend OCK until the documentation is provided or the place may be offered to another child. However, if you are experiencing difficulties accessing vaccination information or the required documents, please contact us for assistance as soon as you are able. In some cases children can commence at the service while the required documents are obtained.

How do I obtain my Immunisation History Statement?

You can get a statement from the Australian Immunisation Register:

Example of an Immunsation history statement. 


My child was immunised overseas - What do I do?

If your child was immunised overseas or they are not eligible for Medicare, you can have your overseas immunisations added to the Australian Immunisation Register. To do this, take a copy of your translated immunisation history to your Australian immunisation provider. They will check the vaccines your child has had and tell you if any additional ones are required. They will update the AIR with immunisations given overseas as well as any new ones.

When your child’s immunisations are recorded on the AIR, ask your immunisation provider if they can print an Immunisation History Statement from the AIR for you to give to your childcare or kindergarten service. 

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