Our Mission Statement & Philosophy of the Kindergarten


To provide quality and accessible early childhood learning in a safe, educational & supportive environment which is responsive to the needs of our children and their families from diverse social and cultural backgrounds.

We strive to form strong, meaningful, inclusive relationships with children, families and community.


We believe childhood should be treasured, nurtured and celebrated.

Children should be valued and supported as capable and curious learners.

Parents are recognised as the main educators and together we enhance and contribute to children’s experiences and learning through engaging, inclusive and accessible education. We recognise positive relationships with children, families and community as the foundation of our curriculum.


  • To provide excellent quality education, to foster a sense of wellbeing and growth in all areas of development.

  • To provide a safe, happy and stimulating environment where children can develop a sense of belonging.

  • To encourage children to learn through play.

  • To provide a sense of co-operation and friendship amongst children and their families in the kindergarten.

  • To provide a positive learning environment which encourages children to develop independence and self esteem to reach their highest potential.

  • To present an environment that encourages children’s respect for all life and the world around them.

  • Through our relationships with families to provide support and advice.

  • To advocate and support the rights of all children regardless of gender, cultural identity, family background and religious beliefs.

  • To co-operate with other childhood health and associated services to ensure an integrated approach to child education.

  • To intentionally scaffold opportunities to encourage conversations and relationships.

  • To encourage a culture of sustainable practises