First Year of Kinder (3 year old kinder )

Ormond  Community Kindergarten has been offering both  3 and  4 year old kinder programs for many years.  From 2022, the Victoria Government is contributing funding to our 3 year old program, helping to keep fees low.  

Our 3 year old kinder group runs for one, 7.5 hour session each week.

Ormond  Community Kindergarten provides a stimulating and educational  learning program for your three-year-old.  

Your child will enjoy a range of open-ended, play-based, learning environments tailored to their interests.  They will learn skills for life including respect, problem-solving, self-confidence and resilience, all in an inclusive,  warm and nurturing environment.

The Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF), and  the National Quality Standards  (NQS) underpin our play-based curriculum.   Through our weekly program your child will develop:

We welcome each child’s uniqueness and assist them to create their own experiences at Ormond  Community Kindergarten.  We encourage them to  explore, take risks, use their imagination, laugh and we listen to them and encourage them to listen to others.  Communication about your child’s OCK experiences are sent via our parent app, using a mixture of reflections, photos, and artwork.

Our rich outdoor play space incorporates large, open, multipurpose spaces and cosy corners with beautiful native plants and mature trees, natural shade and textured surfaces as well as veggies and herbs to create a lovely sensory experience for your child.  Outside, play-based learning. extends to the large sandpits, and water play.

Unique Experiences for your Child:

These unique experiences are all included in your fees.  Many kindergartens charge extra for special events and excursions.  

Ormond  Community Kindergarten Pet program

Providing children with access to animals in an education and care service can help them learn about the life cycle and relationships, and improve communication.  Through our ducks, guinea pigs and stick insects we encourage direct contact and special bonds between the animals and children, to help build empathy and respect.

Music Program

Our music program is fun and uses song, music and movement to enhance children's communication and social skills. It is run by an early education specialist and is child-centred and relaxed which means all children feel comfortable to observe until they are ready to participate.

Strong Family Relationships

Research shows relationships are central to children developing acceptance, self-esteem and higher functioning thinking skills that contribute to positive learning and life outcomes (KidsMatter Early Childhood). The relationship between families and educators is cherished and nurtured at Ormond  Community Kindergarten. We foster these connections though the use of parent helpers at kinder and by asking the children to care for animals during the holidays as well as community events and through our Committee of Management.

Special Events

Your child will also experience a range of special events and experiences including things like:


Respect for the environment, first nations peoples, and sustainability are integrated into each child's kinder experience.   We use our large, natural backyard to educate the children about the environment. Children give their food scraps to the animals or worms, and the compost produced is used on the vegie garden. 

To join the waiting list for our 3 year old program, please register for 3 Year Old kinder or if you have a question enquire now